West Coast Athletic League (Inc)

West coast athletic league (inc.) annual general meeting (2019-2020)

26th August 2020

The Lecture Theature, WA Athletics Stadium, Mt Claremont.

Congratulations to all involved in another successful season of professional running in Western Australia.

The season will be wrapped up with the West Coast Athletic League (Inc.) 2019 - 2020 Annual General Meeting and Award Presentation at the Lecture Theature, WA Athletics Stadium, Mt Claremont

The WCAL AGM will commence on 26 August 2020 at 6.30pm followed by the presentation of awards for the season just completed. Presentation of awards will commence at the Close of Business for the AGM.

All positions of the current WCAL Executive Committee will be declared vacant and an election of Office Bearers conducted at the AGM. Nominations are invited will be accepted via by email (WCAL Chairman: mandymason@fitlearning.com.au, or Secretary: tom.lenane@yahoo.com.au) with any positions not already nominated by email accepted from the floor at the AGM. An election (if needed) of Committee Members will be conducted as part of the AGM.

We welcome new appoints to the WCAL Committee. The work load is not significant but will give you the opportunity to be part of the ongoing success of WCAL and professional running in Western Australia. While you may have little experience in committee work there is a solid and experienced core of existing committee members on hand to provide advice and assistance if needed.