WCAL has been the primary (and only authorized) provider to those enjoying pro-running in Western Australia for many years.

The future of pro-running in WA is dependent on WCAL and it's volunteers, athletes and supporters.

While the current committee is working hard to provide more for WA pro-runners, more need to involved in the input and direction that WCAL requires to ensure the ongoing and more importantly forward direction of pro-running in Western Australia.

Get involved - it's an important part of you career as a pro-runner and the ongoing success of WCAL. It's also important that all areas of pro-running are represented; i.e. athletes, coaches, family and supporters (and those dreaming of a career as an administrator of a club and/or sport)

The current (experienced) committee will help you slide into your chosen role. The work-load is not high and the roles not exactly rocket science.

We are seeking skills specifically in:

  • Marketing

  • Grant writing

  • Local Government liaison

  • Law

  • Accounting

These skills (while not essential) would further grow the development of pro-running in WA

Please contact:

Chris Brook

President - WCAL


Tom Lenane

Secretary - WCAL